Death, rebirth, and triumph.

enter the Painting, and see what lies beyond

I bought a PS4, my first ever console, in November of 2018. Along with it I got a Spider-Man game, which I didn’t care for, Horizon Zero Dawn, which I liked well enough (with some growing misgivings over time), and Bloodborne.

I bought Bloodborne because it…

a way to mark time

2020 was a year of wreckage.

I spent the year dragging myself away from it. Dragging friends, or family. Sometimes strangers — but not often enough. It’s not new wreckage, not really. But for a lot of us, it was clarifying. I’m furious, and I…

Or at least, it doesn’t have to be.

The Dragon Age Setting

When the new Dragon Age info dropped towards the end of August — the first information in years, about a sequel to a game that came out in 2014 — my friends and I lost it. Most of us have mixed feelings…

Care about others, and yourself.

Note: Spoilers for the finale of this series follow. They have been marked; please skip from the spoiler warning to the final paragraph if you wish to read. Thank you!

It’s May 25th, 2020. As of this writing, Washington state has been under quarantine since…

Prize won for “Most Extremely Video Game Moments”

Let’s begin this with an apology: For me, 2019 was the year of the third person action game. Over half of the games on this list fit that bill, which is, frankly, embarrassing. There is a massive breadth of wonderful games with fascinating and innovative mechanics that open up a…

Even the game’s cover knows who’s most interesting

Note: Spoilers for the Golden Deer and Black Eagle routes of Fire Emblem: Three Houses to follow.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a game about forging children into deadly weapons. It has an exceptionally charming, well-polished wrapper, with smartly-played anime tropes and robustly sketched character dynamics, but the core remains…

This dude? Not valid

This is a silly one, and I’ll keep it short. We all have more important things to do than write about what video games are doing to our brains, probably. …

The cycle of success and failure as a prism for the Ages of Fire and Darkness

And that’s the point!

Dark Souls is a series about cycles, which is great, because I’m a sucker for exactly that kind of nonsense.

There’s nothing new under the sun, including this reading, and being a latecomer I’ve…

As the galaxy gets ever bigger, the world of Star Wars games stays safe and small

Hey, is that another broody dude video game protagonist? Wow!

Sometimes, when following media you love, you experience whiplash. Particularly when it’s something big and sprawling like Star Wars, you can find yourself on one end of some spectrum here, only to be yanked…

Is anyone else having trouble truly, genuinely believing it’s already April? Am I the only who feels like they’re being yanked around by the inexorable passage of time? I’m going to assume it’s not just me, just for my own sake.

Anyway! I realized I haven’t really posted any updates…

A. W. Meyer

Storyteller and story-breaker. I think about different worlds too much, and try to make sense of this one. They/them. @lightwoven

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